Double Grilled-Cheese Burger - Five Guys

Five GuysBurger Patties sandwiched between TWO Grilled Cheese SandwichesBurgerGrilled Cheese SandwichAsk for two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and then ask them to put however many Hamburger Patties and all of your favorite toppings inbetween the two!Limited Locations4 - Medium$3.49 for the Grilled Cheese Sandwiches$1.80 per patty Double Grilled-Cheese Burger is a towering stack of cheesy and meaty goodness that is reportedly on the Five Guys Secret Menu. The Five Guys Double Grilled-Cheese Burger consists of juicy beef patties & toppings sandwiched between two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches that were fried up on the griddle. Feel free to ask for as many of the free toppings that you desire, there are so many choose from. This burger behemoth will surely satisfy all your cravings. This is a delicious and refreshing take on the "build your own burger" experience at 5 Guys if you can find one that will make it for you. Are you a big fan of the grilled bun texture of a grilled cheese sandwich, but have a craving for meat? Or are you just not completely satisfied with a single burger? If either of those are true, you should definitely try out the Patty Melt from the Five Guys Secret Menu! You won't regret it. So check out the Patty Melt if you want something a little different as well as a little cheaper than this monster. Be sure to check out the Five Guys Secret Menu as well as visiting our home page to check out the complete list of All the Secret Menus from all your favorite restaurants!